Now Zomato customers can enjoy deliveries powered by 10,000 EV bikes !

Zomato customer from tire 1 cities will receive the food delivery on electrification bike in coming days. TVS Motor who is one of the two-wheeler and three-wheeler manufacture giant announces joins forces with Zomato to Enhance Sustainable Last-Mile Deliveries.

Narrow it down to the use of moped bike in city like Mumbai and Delhi having upper hand to beat the traffic. On top of this if the bike is gear less and not depend on fuel would be more efficient for the company like Zomato who depends on the shot distance last min delivery.

Things achieved TVS by the deal.

TVS announced strategic partner with the Zomato, Where TVS one step closer to achieve the commitment towards green and sustainable mobility solution. With this deal Zomato helps TVS to do solicitation of TVS electric bike throughout the Zomato’s.  As per the deal TVS will deliver around 10,000    TVS electric scooter to Zomato in next couple of years.

Things achieved Zomato by the deal.

Zomato on other hand will aim 100% electric mobility by 2030, As per the COO – They are having plan to onboard 100,000 electric vehicles to their vast network and already had tie with different 50 companies to do so. Our partnership with TVS Motor Company adds more strength to Zomato’s commitment, as the they are widely recognized globally for their expertise in sustainable mobility.

In 2020 they have put first steps towards the electric bike and green, after the 2 plus year of time they have sold out around 100000 EV to their customer who choose to ride these EV into a better and greener tomorrow.

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TVS iQube Electic

TVS iQube Electric generated sales of 14,462 bikes in June 2023 as against sales of 4,667 bikes in June 2022. On road price of this scooter is around 162,000 rupees, and ready to deliver in 140 cities in India. Because of recent changes done in the FAME II, the price of the scooter will go increase by RS. 17000 to 20000.

Specification of the iQube Electic

Charging – 0 to 80 % in less than 5 hrs

Top Speed – 82km/hr

Design – 32 lit storage, HMI Controller, LED head light, 17.78 Cm touch screen, Carry along charger.

Range – It gives range around the 115 Km*

Application Samrtxonnect will connect to smart phone to give the insight of the map, live tracking, vehicle statistics, crash alert and Last parked Location.   

It build with 6 different micro controller which exchange message between each other for better performance.

Price Inclusive of three year warranty , one year road assistance and standard accessories.

About TVS

In 90 or early 2000s, where TVS name was taken along with TVS Scooty, they have put new scooter image to every Indian during that era, yet today They have achieved mile stones with verity of the product Apache, Jupiter , RR310 and so on. Recent mile stones would be partner with Indian Navy , above deal , KisZania motor racing for young rider of India.

About Zomato

Zomato is a popular food delivery and restaurant discovery platform that has revolutionized the way we order food. It offers a wide range of cuisines, customer reviews, and convenient delivery options. With its user-friendly interface and extensive restaurant listings, Zomato makes it easy to satisfy your taste buds with just a few taps.

Read more: Now Zomato customers can enjoy deliveries powered by 10,000 EV bikes !
Read more about EV market

Government of India and leading EV brands need to work together to find the better solution on ongoing issue due to the change in the scheme. As PLI scheme boost the initial level of the sales and production of the EV , Government need to look after those scheme to sustain the EV eco-system.

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