Driving Tomorrow’s Sustainability: Tata’s 3 Revolutionary Businesses Building an EV Eco System

Tata Power

Tata power the generation old regular power generating and distribution company emerges again with electrification of the India along with green and sustainable energy.

We will look in to EV Charging business, they provide solution in mainly 4 categories fleet organization, office and workspace, malls & hotels and home and housing society.

Easy to apply for EV charging station set up and get it done with end-to-end service, for example – On EV Charging Front, power and Ama stays & trails by Indian Hotels Company Limited collaborated to contribute towards a Greener Tourism Future by setting up EV Charging Stations across multiple ama properties.

 Once the charging station installed the “Tata power easy charging app” provide the update about the nearest charging station that help to find the nearest station, getting further helps to know the available charging points and gives the notification to end user, this also has the feature to do pay through application.

Follow the link to en quire more about Charging station and apply for same.


Tata Motor

They launches their major mile stone in EV sector with passenger vehicle that is Nexon, which already got the much popularity from IC engine later they launch the it under the EV segment. Since launch till date more than 50,000 Nexon EV on Indian road, The tata nexon ev has claimed 453 km range in one charge Around 15% of the total sales of the Nexon brand come from its electric vehicle (EV) version. This EV is offered in three variants: Prime, Max, and Dark, with prices starting at Rs 14.49 lakhs. They have the economical and affordable tata tiago EV.

Specifications of Nexon EV Prime (Base model)

Charging time (DC)60 min
Charging time (AC)9.16 Hours
Battery Capacity30.2kWh
Max Power (bhp@rpm)127bhp
Max Torque (nm@rpm)245Nm
Seating Capacity5
Boot Space (Litres)350
Body TypeSUV
Ground Clearance Unladen205

Key Features of Nexon EV Prime

Power Steering
Power Windows Front
Anti Lock Braking System
Air Conditioner
Driver Airbag
Passenger Airbag
Automatic Climate Control
Fog Lights – Front
Alloy Wheels
Tata Elexi (Software-Defined Vehicles)

The transportation and mobility sector are experiencing a swift revolution. There are numerous pivotal moments that will pave the way for significant milestones in the future. A key catalyst is the shift towards an autonomous (SDV-based) electrical | electronic (EE) framework. This will serve as a foundation for creativity and progress in the coming decade or thereabouts.

Mainly, the core of SDV relies on a robust FOTA | SOTA element. FOTA | SOTA enables the capacity to update existing functionalities and add new features post-vehicle purchase. This establishes the groundwork for a revenue model based on subscriptions for updates and enhancements. While FOTA | SOTA, as part of SDV, establishes the structure for subscription-based revenue, the actual features that impact the end-user must be compelling enough for consumers to be willing to pay a monthly or yearly fee. The FOTA | SOTA approach serves as the foundation for how mobile phone software and applications (whether iOS or Android) are acquired and updated. The user-friendly experience observed in the mobile phone industry should extend into the automotive realm.

It is deeply involved with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) both worldwide and in India, offering guidance and collaboration for transitioning to SDV-based architectures. We anticipate a substantial rise in SDV-based solutions over the next 3-5 years. However, SDV goes beyond that, serving as a hub for innovation in the transportation industry for at least the next ten years. To capitalize on the SDV revolution, and it is continually making investments and positioning itself strategically.

Conclusion :

Tata group a big brand creating the new its own incubator for future electrification mobility , where Tata power,Tata motor,Tata Elexi and many other factor of same brand put together to create the ecosystem , In few year we can able to see all the dot connected by Tata to be pioneer in the electrification mobility.

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